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The latest in wealth ostentation for people who
have money to burn - the $1.45 million cell phone

Yesterday, I posted a story about a 24-carat gold plated outdoor barbecue made by the Australian company BeefEater. If you read the post, then you may remember that the fully functional outdoor unit is souped up for the Guy in mind and commands a retail price of just over $50k. Now this post (which is dedicated to the ladies unless your a Guy that loves to wear diamonds while barbecuing in style) trumps yesterday's story by $1.4 million!

Emirates Business News featured the GoldVish Le Million cell phone, which costs $1.45 million and is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most expensive phone in the world! Designed by Emmanuel Gueit, production was limited to three units. Called “LeMillion”, it is handcrafted from 18-carat gold and is available in rose, yellow or white gold, with 120-carat diamonds encrusted all over it. The units are handmade in Switzerland where they are equipped with 2GB memory, quad-band for worldwide reception, an 8x digital zoom camera, MP3 player, Bluetooth and FM radio.

To read more about the latest in "icy communication" click here. Now it's time to go broke in America - but at least you'll be in style while doing it!


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