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Many decades before You Tube and the handheld
digital camcorder made stars out of almost anyone,
the Kodak Model A camera (pictured above) started America's
passion for making home movies in an easy to use and portable unit

Home movie lovers and You Tube addicts of the world unite! On this day in 1923, the 16-mm Kodak Model A camera and projector are introduced in America for the first time. Although home movie equipment had been available in Britain since 1896, the Kodak equipment was cheap and infinitely easier to use, and therefore accessible to a much wider audience. Thanks to this type of technology, the movie world has benefited greatly from the aspiring efforts of such contemporary and famous filmmakers as Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. Both Spielberg and Lucas played around with home movie cameras in their youth which inspired them to be filmmakers (and rich beyond their wildest dreams as a result).



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