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I came across this very interesting blog entry written by U.K. author, speaker, and sales trainer Bruce King. The link to the original post can be found by clicking here. King presents six highly important lessons from a popular sport that can be applied to all aspects of our personal and professional lives.

Lessons from Wimbledon

What does it take for a person to become a Wimbledon champion – or even get the opportunity to compete in those championships? Here are a few key points:

1 – They accept they do not know everything and have more to learn. Even the champion of champions has a coach – several in fact.

2 – They have a superb diet. They know they have to feed their bodies with more than sufficient of the right nutrients to nourish their bodies (which includes their brains).

3 – They train their brain to win the game. Their minds are totally focused on their game and how they can reach and maintain perfect mental functioning and peak performance.

4 – They train their bodies to be working at maximum physical efficiency.

5 - They have a specific daily routine that encompasses all of those points and many more.

6 – Finally, they have my three old favourites which many of you will have heard me speak of before and which are commitment, determination and persistence.

Those are incompatible with failure to achieve great things. So what’s the lesson for us? Ask yourself: How much more awesome would you be if you had a similar and appropriate daily routine to become world-class in your field? What does you routine need to include? What will you do? When will you start? If you know there are areas you need to work on - several maybe, and it all feels a little bit daunting, remember the question: ‘How do you eat an elephant?’Answer: One small chunk at a time.


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